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Professional development in quantitative biology and its relationship to promoting scholarly teaching

The purpose of this research study is to understand how participation in a unique long-term online model of professional development (PD) impacts the adoption of scholarly approaches to teaching. The Quantitative Undergraduate Biology Education and Synthesis (QUBES) project offers a unique PD model called Faculty Mentoring Networks (FMNs) to train and support college biology faculty in their development, adaptation and/or implementation of quantitatively focused curricular materials and approaches into their classrooms.

Applying social network analysis to evaluate the evolution of interdisciplinary research teams

The purpose of this project is to evaluate the growth and productivity of NIMBioS working group teams using social network analysis.

Assessing impacts on student learning in mathematics from inclusion of biological, real-world examples

This project will develop and validate an interdisciplinary instrument–a Quantitative Biology Concept Inventory (QBCI) – which will allow assessment of mathematics and quantitative concept learning goals in the context of concrete, real-world life science data examples and models.

Factors influencing productivity in interdisciplinary synthetic team science groups

This paper will demonstrate the use of hierarchical modeling methods to evaluate the factors leading to productivity of 20 interdisciplinary synthetic research groups that took place over six years at The National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS).

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